What do you want to learn?

New to computers? Start here!

Learn basics of computers and software with this basic series.

Windows 10 & 11

Comprehensive introduction to Windows for new and intermediate users.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Learn about browsers, URLs, secure websites, and how to set up Wi-Fi for safety.

iPhone, iPad, & iOS devices

Learn how to set up and use your iPhone and iPad like a pro.

Staying safe online

Every internet user is a target for cybercriminals. Learn how to recognize and avoid scams.

General interest tech courses

Learn how to use your cellphone to take great photos, how to shop online, and more.

Microsoft Office courses

Learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for personal or business use.

Social media courses

Like to share stories and pictures with friends and family? Start here and learn how to do so safely.

Google courses

Need a free and secure email account? Learn to use Gmail here.

Workforce development

Learn to communicate professionally, manage time, be more productive, and much more. Browse our extensive list of workforce development courses.

Powerful resumes and cover letters

Looking for work or a new career? A powerful targeted resume and cover letter are critical tools for landing an interview.

Android mobile phones

Do you use a Samsung, Pixel, Motorola or other Android mobile phone or tablet? Learn how to use your device here.

Web Resources for Health and Fitness

Learn to find legitimate health and fitness resources on the web

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